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Introducing Ethan Bortnick

At 16 years old Ethan has already mastered how to become a record breaking performer.  See for yourself:


Record Holder

·        Guinness World Record-“ The World’s Youngest Solo Musician to Head-line His Own Concert Tour”

·        Has 3 PBS Television shows that are airing on Public Television.

·        Youngest musician to create and host his own award-winning, nationally televised concert special on PBS in 2010 and since then has had 2 other shows on PBS. His concerts have aired over 3,000 times on stations across the country.

·        The Power of Music has been rated the number one concert pledge show on Public Television for 2014/2015.  The show is still running nationwide and winning multiple awards

·        Raised over $40 million for charities worldwide

·        Named one of Oprah’s All Time Smartest, Most Talented Kids

·        Youngest performer in the all-star lineup recording of We Are the World 25 For Haiti

·        Legacy of Bob Hope Award- “The Next Generation of Hope”

·        Youngest solo headliner is Las Vegas


Fascinating Facts

·        Performed with Beyonce, Elton John, Andrea Bocelli, Josh Groban, Reba McEntire, Barbara Streisand, Tony Bennett, Carlos Santana and Celine Dion

·        Starred in Feature film “Anything is Possible” which was released in 2013

·        Scored all the background music and co-wrote all songs in the film“Anything is Possible”

·        Performed for crowds of 70,000+

·        Dave Rosenthal (Billy Joel’s Musical Director) is Ethan's Musical Director.

·        3 tours in Japan

·        2 tours in South Africa

·        Toured in Brazil, Australia and Canada


Media Coverage

·        Esquire Magazine’s 80th anniversary cover

·        Featured in GAP brand global celebrity ad campaign

·        The Tonight Show with Jay Leno (4x)

·        Good Morning America (2x)

·        Oprah (2x)

·        Disney Channel

·        Nickelodeon

·        Voted by audiences as the most favorite show they ever experienced in Vegas

·        Rave reviews from USA Today, Las Vegas SUN, Yahoo! News, Access Hollywood, Inside Edition, Martha Stewart, Diane Sawyer, Quincy Jones, Celine Dion


Social Media


Youtube: Ethan Bortnick

Facebook: Ethan Bortnick

Instagram: @EthanBortnick

Twitter: @EthanBortnick

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