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Local actor speaks on importance of film incentives


The new film incentives package submitted for approval by the NC House and Senate could have major impacts on how the industry operates in the Cape Fear region. This has prompted one locally grown actor to speak out against those changes.

Dominic L. Santana moved to Wilmington after high school and was bitten by the acting bug. Ever since then he has been working with locally filmed productions and even finding his way on to the BET show The Game.

Santana is passionate about the film industry in North Carolina and particularly here in southeastern NC. He released the following regarding the proposed budget cuts to film.

"I'm disheartened that the NC representatives are working so hard to basically dismantle what the hard working people of NC Film have built. I started my acting career in Wilmington NC and through my successes have continued to come back and create projects and opportunities in NC film. NC has my full support as I'm one of the 4200 that the incentive changes affect. If dismantled again, NC film may not be able to regain the traction it has now. NC is known for many things but film has become it's biggest calling card throughout the world. I hope they don't destroy the pride of NC, give us the support that Georgia gives their film community. NC is the lead dog on the east and we worked hard for it. Governor McCrory we're calling on you to step up and save NC film. If he can't do that then we definitely will make sure we have different leaders next time the polls open."

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