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Fortitude PR services.

Do you need to increase visibility for your brand in the media?  Does your brand need someone to manage the message the media is receiving about it? Does your brand need to build key relationships with media? 

Our full campaigns include all of our services under one umbrella.  With our full campaigns we offer 6 or 12 month packages.  These campaigns include creating press materials, event production/execution, media communications, media monitoring, crisis management/ communication, Red carpet Talent submissions/escorts, press release composition/distribution.  We also, offer celebrity seeding campaigns when available.

Press Releases

Fortitude PR will write a professional press release for your brand or event and distribute it to the media so they are aware of your news.  Fortitude will monitor press responses to your news for a few days after distribution.  This is a one time service.

Media Pitching/


Fortitude PR will create the appropriate press materials for your brand and pitch your story to the media for coverage in print and television.  Fortitude will monitor journalist's responses and set up any necessary interviews for your brand.  This is a per month service.

Red Carpet Talent 

Fortitude PR will submit personalities for red carpet events and escort the talent down any red carpets to make sure clients get in touch with the proper media outlets while walking the red carpet.  This is a monthly service.