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A word from our clients.

"When you have a passion that you focus on and work on daily, you can only be successful.  This sums up Krishane.  She started as my intern and now I am her client.  Who would have ever thought... lol! 

Krishane's work ethic and desire to give her client's the best are two of her greatest attributes. I can call her at any time and she is willing and available to assist me with any project I am working on. I can't do what I do without Krishane and Fortitude PR. She is more than my business associate, she is a friend. Thank you for taking my Event Planning company to the next level. I look forward to doing bigger and better things with you."

-De'Neia Whitted (Principal Planner and President, Weddings by Day)


"To be 100% accurate, Krishane is most definitely one of the best "People" I've come across. If it wasn't for her my career would have taken a different route.  Her PR skills are exceptional and reliable.  She takes it to a whole other level with her skills and I'm thankful for that." 

-Desmond 'Hashtag' Rasberry (Music Producer)


"I am demanding. I have high expectations. I am a coach. These things don't turn Krishane away, they only make her game better.  I am so pleased with the work Fortitude PR has done for Kevin Whitted Basketball Services. She puts 100% into every project we work on. I have watched her grow from a college student learning the game to now a business owner running the game. The entertainment industry is better for having her."

-Coach Kevin Whitted (Kevin Whitted Basketball Services)


"I've had the opportunity to watch Krishane blossom in this industry and when she has a vision and talent that she believes in there's no standing in the way of what she can do."

-Terral Slack (BPE)


"I Knew that Krishane and Fortitude PR were passionate about me as an artist and producer and that helped ease any doubts I had in my mind about the journey ahead.  I was confident in what we would accomplish."

-Kevin Writer (Artist/Producer)


"Honestly there are a few things you need to know about Krishane while working with her.  She is one of the most enthusiastic and professional people I have ever worked with.  Fortitude PR holds a superlative roster of clients that she is able to work with one on one.  If you need something from Krishane she will get it done ASAP.  Krishane's ablility to map out a game plan for her clients only proves that she is the person to work with in this industry.  That's my girl!"

-Howard Henley (Actor/ TV Host)


"Krishane does whatever it takes to get the job done-that is what is takes to win.  Persistence & Perseverance."

-Dave Melhado (Talent Management, The MBM Firm)


"Fortitude PR uses every available resource to connect their clients with the world while also being innovative with a customized approach per entertainer.  They're definitely the future of PR."

-Dominic L. Santana (Actor, All Eyez On Me)